Our new timing system means that there will be certain changes to the way that races are started:

The first major change is that we will no longer be using the starting gate where the rider’s wheel is clamped and released when the timer counts down to zero. We will not be using a “Start Clock” and a “Start Wand”.

The Start Clock works as follows:

  1. The GREEN lights indicate the time of day.
  2. The rider’s race number will appear in YELLOW on the board when it is their turn to start – Rider should be ready in the start gate as soon as their number appears.
  3. The RED lights indicate the time remaining until the start for the rider and will count down to ZERO.
  4. At 10 seconds to start, the riders will hear a single low pitched beep. This means they need to be prepared.
  5. The TRAFFIC LIGHT will be RED.
  6. At 5 Seconds to go the start clock will begin a count down with low pitched beeps.
  7. At 3 Seconds to go the TRAFFIC LIGHT will turn YELLOW.
  8. At ZERO seconds the TRAFFIC LIGHT will turn GREEN and there will be a single high pitched beep. This indicates GO for rider.
  9. The rider MAY NOT start before the green light. If they do the commissaire may disqualify the rider or ask for a re-run.
  10. The rider may begin after the clock counts down to zero without affecting their overall time as the system will only begin timing when the START WAND is activated.
  11. Riders will need to ride through the start wand to push it away from themselves with their front wheel to activate.
  12. Alongside the timing system we also keep manual times in case there is a fault with the electronics. The start time on the manual stop watch for each rider will the ZERO countdown on the START CLOCK – or as indicated by the start official. Riders are therefore encouraged to start as soon after the ZERO countdown as possible, without jumping the start

Finish times are automatically posted to the website www.alge-results.com. Search for our race and use this to keep track of the event.