Dear WC DH riders

Thanks to our sponsors (listed above and below) for assisting the committee to host a fabulous national at Paarl. They make our racing possible.

We had 15 women riders at Paarl and that makes us all very happy. We almost had a full house from the Rossouw-family, with Dad, Pieter and his two daughters, Tricia and Cheri! Thanks also to our Zevenwacht marshals and the parents who volunteer their vehicles and their time. This is what makes WC DH such a special family.

Our committee work tirelessly before the event and during the two days of the event to provide the best possible race day. Do you consider our shuttle master, Pietie, who collects and return trailers and then spends the race in the street shuttling riders? Please assist when your child is not racing so that he too may watch his children race. Andre, who besides setting up the race venue, ploughs through tedious red-tape to get an event permit. Did you know that the municipality require 4 expensive, PSIRA registered guards at a race like Hellsend? (…on a secure, private farm) … and one guard must be a woman to guard the toilets against gender-violence … go figure. Chis Nixon, tapes the tracks before each event and sorts out the medics and your safety for the day. Keith, our race director is on-site from sun-rise to long after you are home and showered, ensuring that the day runs smoothly. Who do you think provides lunch for the marshals on track? Mad-Matt’s mom, Cheryl, quietly arrives with bags filled with good food to keep the marshals happy for the day. Gareth and Kerry Jones (registering) are an integral part of every aspect of racing and have now taken over the most important job of timing. Katrin are Cailin are very supportive with permit application, medal & certificate creation.


This week I would like to introduce our event’s coordinator, Helen Erlangsen. Her by-line in life is to tread carefully, mind your carbon foot-print while visiting earth and always reduce, reuse, re-purpose, recycle, upcycle. My favourite place to visit is a log-cabin, in the woods, in the Cederberg in with no running water (lei-voor right in front of the shack) and no electricity. Solar lights are fabulous. BUT I still end up taking your rubbish home from events. PLEASE be responsible for your own carbon foot print. Don’t ask me, “Where is a rubbish bin?” Put your rubbish in your back pack and take it home please. It breaks my heart that after every race, after all the time I have invested in the event, that I must still clean up after race goers. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN WASTE.

And now

We are thrilled to be able to use the track on the beautiful Zevenwacht farm for our next event this week end. The views are endless and the gees is always good. All the usual plusses exist; our food and coffee venders, our residence style-guide, Myles Kelsey to assist (especially new) riders. Myles has offered that any newbies, who would like a track preview (to be taken down slowly and shown the track), take the first shuttle to the top on Saturday to meet Myles. Myles is there to help with track advice, coaching tips and the skill to stay safe on course.

Entries have been open since January and race numbers are growing daily.

Great Time entry link:

  • Each race, with its banner, date & venue will appear on the Great Time entry portal
  • Click on whichever race you want to enter
  • You will have to provide a CSA membership number (which requires you to belong a to a club- please opt for Western Province Downhill Cycling Club- Helen accepts you and your profile becomes ‘active’)

CSA membership (runs for one calendar year) for 2021/2 …it is only R250 for adults and R150 for young riders. This is for everybody, it insures you and allows you to earn WC DH points. A day licence merely allows you to ride with us for the day and is essentially for a once-off for newbies. No points may be accumulated on a day licence. We strongly encourage all riders to get a CSA membership. A compulsory day licence (R50.00) is available at registration for newbies.

CSA licences, available for Elites and Jun Men who want to score UCI points.

The Cycling South Africa website and our own WC Downhill site ( offer much information for new-comers. Please check out what insurance your CSA membership offers and the prerequisites necessary before a claim can be made.

A note to spectators: Please stay off the track during racing. Do not try and get to ‘the rock garden’ and compromise someone’s race run. There was a report of an accident at Paarl, where a rider went into a tree because someone was on the track. This is unforgiveable.

Second Hand clothing: Kit can be expensive. Tas Grey and Katrin have offered to provide a table for ‘for sale’ downhill clothing, accessories and equipment on Saturday & Sunday morning only. Please attach a price tag with your name and phone number to each item. Bring all items on Saturday to registration. Hopefully this will connect the buyer with the owner of the goods and you may pay your money.

Registration will take place at the race station. We try to keep costs down. Please ensure that you return number boards after the race on Sunday. YET, there is a long list of riders (Addendum 1 at the end of this newsletter) who did not return their number boards. There is always a cutter at race station. Please return immediately if you use it.

On race day, official start times will be posted at the race station gazebo for the seeding run and the race run. Please consult these times (take a picture) and be at the race start at least 30 min before your race. Please take your own water, it is often hot. Our Commissaire and starter, will have a black bag to store personal items (reusable plastic water bottles, raincoats) which they sendthe race station after the race. You need to remember to collect these items. When checking start times, please do not cross near the finish line.

Shuttles: WC DH is a non-profit, community organisation and we rely on support from parents and riders.  Pietie Nelson, our shuttle master requests that all riders queue respectfully from the back of the lines. To reduce waiting time we are in need of parents who are able to drive shuttle vehicles or their own vehicle for a few runs. We have 4m and 3m trailers to suit different vehicles. You may not shuttle your own child individually (CSA ruling). Please laisse with Pietie Nelson:  and 082 417 5547

EVENT TIMING:  Approximate timing – subject to change (injury free)

We wish the very best to all Western Cape riders traveling to SA Champs at Sabie on 25, 26 February. It is a long way to go, but it is a pinnacle race for the year.  Contact Pietie if you are considering traveling to Sabie and want to be a part of a WC team!

Too few entrants into a class? Just a reminder that… is sometimes wiser to move to a higher class in order race competitively. MTB rules for prize giving state that:

  • If there is one person in a category – no awards – move up/another class
  • If there are two in a class – only 1st gets an award
  • If there are three in a class –1st and 2nd get an award
  • If there are five in a class –1st , 2nd and 3rd get an award

Good luck for the racing season

The WC DH Committee and Helen