WC DH Championships   4,5 November at Hellsend

THIS weekend! Entries close Thursday evening at midnight.

It’s the final countdown! Who will be the new 2023 Western Cape Champ in each category? Reigning champs be warned, there is a new bunch of excellent riders, in many of the age groups, ready to steal these titles.

While we all love Vuurberg, the Hellsend Dirt Compound is a private farm and it is WC DH’s privilege to be allowed to use this awesome, private track. We are very grateful to the owners and have promised to treat this venue with the utmost respect. We owe Justin Novella a huge thanks for getting the track picture-perfect and super race-ready for racing this weekend.


ENTRIES ARE OPEN for  WC DH Champs at Hellsend on 4,5 November

Great Time entry link: https://entries.great-time.co.za/

  • Each race, with its banner, date and venue will appear on the Great Time entry portal
  • Click on whichever race you want to enter
  • You will have to provide a CSA membership number (which requires you to belong to a club – please opt for Western Province Downhill Cycling Club- Helen accepts you and your profile becomes ‘active’).


Hellsend is home to multiple private residences. The gate is a shared facility for these residences. Parking is limited so please double up and share cars/lifting. Parking will be below the clubhouse. Park neatly and cleverly to allow space for others. Spectators especially, must make arrangements to carpool. If we run out of space, we may have to use the area below the last Darkfest jump (one vineyard higher), but it means crossing the track, which is not ideal. Entry will be open from 5:45 on Saturday for the 06:00 track walk and at 06:30 on Sunday to accommodate riders briefing at 07:20 at the race station.

This is only the Newsletter introduction –

See attachments for all the details, especially the entry and parking arrangements.